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Storm that means down
a) dis- b) de- c) di- d) d-
Deserving to be treated with disgust, despised
a) disappoint b) denounce c) delectable d) despicable
accusations against someone, place down judgement upon
a) despise b) denounce c) denial d) despite
to destroy
a) dispose b) demolish c) deconstruct d) remove
weakened by old age
a) decrepit b) despise c) despoiled d) decripit
to screamed the supply of
a) denounce b) deplete c) destroy d) denumber
the stem that means away
a) did- b) de- c) dis- d) dy-
to disturb or trouble greatly in mind
a) distract b) distort c) dispute d) denounce
to twist out of shape, to give a false meaning to
a) demolish b) denounce c) dispose d) distort
an argument
a) disperse b) dispute c) distort d) dissuade
To scatter, go away in different directions
a) disperse b) distort c) distract d) disprove
To prove false
a) distort b) disprove c) discredite d) distort
The toy robot was twisted and bent out of shape it was
a) demolished b) distorted c) disproved d) dismembered
Chris went to the ATM to get money for a new Under Armor hoodie, but sadly he did not have any money left. His funds were
a) denounce b) deplete c) disprove d) demolish
The old house is caving in. Just the other day the archaic roof fell in. The house is
a) demolish b) disperse c) decrepit d) deplete
Just look at Muscleman and Rigby, they disagree about what they all we eat on Friday night.
a) dispute b) discussion c) despise d) denounce
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