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Every ecosystem requires which of the following to support life?
a) water b) soil c) plants d) heat
Which of the following eats animals?
a) carnivore b) herbivore c) bacteria d) fungi
Which of the following is an abiotic factor?
a) amoeba b) lichen c) shell d) mold
Photosynthesis uses all of the following except _____ to make food.
a) carbon dioxide b) chemical energy c) light energy d) water
Which of the following flows through ecosystems in one direction?
a) water b) nitrogen c) energy d) carbon
If the first trophic level in an energy pyramid receives 10,000 units of energy from the Sun, how much energy is available for the second trophic level?
a) a. 10,000 units b) 9,000 units c) 1,000 units d) 900 units
Which of the following is a biotic factor?
a) fish b) pond c) lake d) ocean
Which of the following steps is second in this food chain?
a) The snake obtains energy by eating the mouse. b) Plants make energy-rich food using sunlight. c) The Sun emits energy. d) The hawk obtains energy by eating the snake.
Which of the following is NOT a part of climate?
a) temperature b) moisture c) soil d) wind
Which is a model of feeding relationships?
a) protein building b) food map c) food web d) sugar molecules
Which of the following is a living thing?
a) water b) honey c) bee d) air
Which of the following eats only eucalyptus leaves?
a) carnivore b) detritivore c) omnivore d) herbivore
Which of the following does NOT move continuously through ecosystems?
a) water b) aluminum c) oxygen d) nitrogen
What is one reason that a food web might be a better description of an ecosystem than a food chain?
a) Animals have only one option of what to eat. b) At least one animal in the web has webbed feet. c) No animals are chained. d) Organisms have a choice of what to eat.
As you move upward, from level to level, in an energy pyramid, energy ____.
a) decreases b) increases c) stays at the same level d) is destroyed
Which of the following nonliving things affects climate and temperature?
a) sun b) moon c) wind d) rain
Which are abiotic parts of an ecosystem?
a) water, trees, rocks, sun, temperature, soil b) air, water, animals, soil, atmosphere, climate c) atmosphere, water, temperature, climate, sun, soil d) animals, trees, water, sun, soil, temperature, climate
What is the name of the idea that energy cannot be created or destroyed?
a) law of utilization of energy b) law of energy c) law of movement of energy d) law of conservation of energy
Which of the following is NOT part of the water cycle?
a) nitrogen fixation b) evaporation c) condensation d) precipitation
Which of the following organisms would NOT be in the first trophic level of an energy pyramid?
a) dog b) tree c) grass d) flower
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