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Why did Phillip like the rain?
a) he could hear it and feel it b) he was able to get clean since there was no shower c) he liked to play in it d) he did not have to work on rainy days
Why would Phillip's mother possibly not recognize him if he were rescued?
a) he was dirty and shaggy b) he was blind c) he was brown from the sun and had become more muscular d) he could no longer read or write
From what illness did Timothy suffer?
a) Malar (Malaria) b) Pneumonia c) Ebola d) he was sick of school
How did they get freshwater to drink?
a) small stream that came out of the rocks b) catchments that allowed them to store it c) they were able to take sea water and remove the salt from it d) a small lake was on the north side of the cay
Timothy was intelligent even though he had gone to school because ___
a) he had gone to a school sailor training b) he had been in the military c) he had survival skills, knowledge of the sea, and a good understanding of geography d) he was older than Phillip
Why was there a break in the middle of the storm?
a) the storm changed direction b) the storm hitting the island caused it to stop c) they were in the eye of the hurricane d) the storm skipped over them
What was the most important thing Timothy did for Phillip?
a) made him a cane b) gave him spelling lessons c) built him a raft d) taught him how to survive on his own
Timothy thought Stew Cat was bad luck or a ___
a) jumbi b) miniature lion c) voodoo doll d) good luck charm
Which of the following were available for them to eat on the island?
a) langosta, fish, mussels, coconut b) fish, lizards, chicken c) steaks and hamburgers d) all types of fruit
How did Timothy and Phillip keep track of the days?
a) pebble in a can b) sun dial c) ancient watch timothy had d) added a large rock to a stack on the beach
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