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Which of the following is not a typical speacialized technician
a) Brake technician b) Drive shaft technician c) Engine technician d) Steering and suspension technician
A_____ is an individual who starts a business
a) Car driver b) Salesman c) Entreprenur d) Brake technician
What is a cooperative training program?
a) a job b) a program that allows you to earn school credit and a wage by working c) technician d) tow truck
A_____ specialist that will do grease jobs?
a) Clown b) brake technician c) driver d) lubrication expert
What is an Apprentice?
a) a texans b) a helper c) mentor d) boss
What is a master technician
a) boss b) An experienced professional c) technician d) driver
Approximately how many people are employed in the automotive field?
a) 9 million. b) 14 milloin c) 6 million d) 20 million
A technician who is an expert in one area of automotive repair is called a(n) ____.
a) expert technician b) technical consultant c) component specialist d) specialized technician
The service manager reports to the shop supervisor in most repair organizations.
a) true b) false c) both d) none
How many ASE tests must be passed to qualify for certified master automobile technician status?
a) Driveability and performance technician. b) Brake technician. c) Suspension and steering technician. d) Heating and air conditioning technician.
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