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happening suddenly
a) abrupt b) glimpse c) reject d) persuade
something done by making an effort
a) achievement b) revise c) contempt d) mock
to do what you set out to do
a) achieve b) attempt c) entertain d) sensitive
a feeling that something is unworthy or bad
a) contempt b) phase c) recall d) quaint
to try or make an effort
a) attempt b) achieve c) persuade d) reject
to interest; have guests over; have something in mind
a) entertain b) revise c) persist d) mock
a quick look
a) glimpse b) abrupt c) recall d) phase
make fun of; or not real
a) mock b) contempt c) sensitive d) reject
to keep trying
a) persist b) sensitive c) persuade d) attempt
getting your idea or opinion across
a) persuade b) revise c) quaint d) persist
a stage in a series of changes
a) phase b) recall c) entertain d) glimpse
unusual or old-fashioned
a) quaint b) phase c) entertain d) mock
to remember
a) recall b) reject c) persuade d) achieve
not accepted
a) reject b) mock c) contempt d) persist
make changes
a) revise b) persuade c) abrupt d) reject
quick to show changes
a) sensitive b) achieve c) abrupt d) persist
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