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Angels Falls, the world’s highest waterfall, crashes straight down, UNINTERRUPTED by rocks.
a) stopped briefly b) without being stopped c) d)
I am a CITIZEN of the United States of America.
a) someone born in that country b) someone not born in that country c) d)
The water in some waterfalls PLUNGES hundreds of feet to the bottom.
a) falls quickly b) falls upward c) falls slowly d)
Harry looks INDIGNANT when he doesn't get what he wants.
a) happy b) angry c) silly d)
Some model cars can look real because they are REPLICAS of actual cars.
a) drawings b) copies c) memories d)
Native Americans developed a VARIETY of different vegetables- corn, squash, and potatoes.
a) the same b) a number of different things c) too many d)
We saw a huge MONUMENT of Abraham Lincoln when we went to the museum.
a) something set up to honor a person or event b) a picture or painting c) an actual living person d)
If the VOLUME of water in a waterfall is small, there is not enough water to produce electricity.
a) temperature b) color c) amount d)
In 1935, James Angel was the first American to EPSY the Angels Falls with his own eyes.
a) name b) see c) ride d)
Other waterfalls are not so high, but their BREADTH is great.
a) height b) width c) flow d)
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