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Who is ultimately responsible for how much I learn in class?
a) bald guy up front b) I am c) Everybody else d) who cares
Do I use laptops in math class?
a) Yes b) No c) nah d) nope
Is it raining outside?
a) I don't know b) no c) I look like the weather man? d) not sure
Who is the poster of in the back wall?
a) Jackie Chan b) huh? c) Bruce Lee d) (blank stare)
What is mental discipline
a) Doing what it takes to reach a goal even if it isn't fun b) karate c) Stop interrupting me d) I don't know
What does PEMDAS help us do?
a) mathematical operations in the right order b) i don't know c) just let me play my game! d) huh?
Who is the worst character?
a) Captain Planet b) Aqua Man c) Jar Jar Binks d) Flutter Shy
Which class is this?
a) Pre-Calculus b) Algebra 2 c) English d) Underwater basketweaving
When are grades final for the six weeks?
a) Friday b) today c) last week d) two weeks from now
what color is the back wall?
a) blue b) I'm color blind c) white d) ummmmmmmm
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