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makes energy (ATP) for the cells
a) mitchondria b) ribosome c) vacuole d) nucleus
cells with no true nucleus
a) animal cell b) nucleus c) eukaryote d) prokaryote
cell with a true nucleus
a) prokaryote b) eukaryote c) Cell Theory d) chloroplast
all cells come from pre-existing cells, cells are the basic units of life, and all living things are made from cells
a) Active Site b) Objective c) Cell Theory d) substrate
storage for the cell; much larger in plants
a) vacuole b) stem cell c) ocular d) pili
control center for the cell; protect DNA (genetic material)
a) ribsome b) mitchondria c) prokaryote d) nucleus
the eyepiece on a microscope; typical magnification is 10x
a) objective b) ocular c) compound light microscope d) total magnification
lenses on the microscope
a) ocular b) stage c) light d) objective
an undifferentiated cell
a) stem cell b) lung cell c) flagella d) pili
stem cells derived from the undifferentiated inner mass cells of a human embryo
a) somatic stem cell b) embryonic stem cell c) wet mount d) total magnification
undifferentiated cells found throughout the body that divide to replenish dying cells and regenerate damaged tissues
a) somatic (adult) stem cell b) embryonic stem cell c) mitochondria d) active site
whip-like tail
a) chloroplast b) ribsome c) flagella d) pili
hair-like structures used to attach to other bacteria and surfaces
a) pili b) flagella c) cilia d) mitochondria
a technique used to prepare sample slide in liquid
a) wet mount b) Cell Theory c) stem cell d) objective
the ocular times the objective
a) Cell Theory b) objective c) wet mount d) total magnification
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