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Ethnic groups share what trait?
a) same house b) same government c) same birthdays d) same customs
The important figure is Islam is...
a) Muhammad b) Moses c) Jesus d) Abraham
What group are you born into?
a) ethnic group b) religious group c) country group d) language group
What do religious groups have in common?
a) skin color b) live in same location c) same beliefs d) same language
What trait is NOT included in ethnic groups?
a) religious text b) race c) physical apperance d) traditions
What language do most Arabs speak?
a) Arabic b) French c) Spanish d) English
What are the two sects of Islam?
a) Sunni and Shia b) Sunni and Protestant c) Muslim and Shia d) Jews and Arabs
What is the MAJOR ethnic group in IRAN?
a) Persians b) Jews c) Christains d) Sunni
What is the MAJOR religious group in the Middle East?
a) Islam b) Jews c) Christians d) Arabs
What is the MAJOR ethnic group in the Middle East?
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