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Cells go through a life cycle known as the __________________
a) cell cycle b) prophase c) metaphase d) anaphase
What is the first step in mitosis?
a) prophase b) metaphase c) anaphase d) telophase
If a cell with 23 chromosomes undergoes mitosis, how many chromosomes in the new cell?
a) 23 b) 46 c) 12 d) 48
Meiosis occurs in what kind of cell?
a) reproductive b) body c) bone d) blood
If a cell with 20 chromosomes undergoes meiosis, how many chromomsomes would be in each new cell?
a) 10 b) 20 c) 30 d) 40
Who discovered DNA using an xray technique?
a) Franklin b) Watson c) Crick d) Hooke
Adenine pairs with
a) thymine b) cytosine c) guanine d) chocolate
Where is DNA found?
a) nucleus b) ER c) Vacuole d) mitochondria
What is the shape of DNA?
a) double helix b) circle c) square d) octagon
In mitosis, the cytoplasm divides in an event called __________-?
a) cytokinesis b) prophase c) metaphase d) anaphase
What process makes reproductive cells?
a) meiosis b) mitosis c) prophase d) Respiration
Who made the first model of DNA?
a) Watson and Crick b) Franklin c) Hooke d) Virchow
Guanine pairs with ____?
a) cytosine b) adenine c) sugar d) thymine
What is the genetic blueprint for the cell?
a) DNA b) sugars c) nitrogen d) ER
What makes up the sides of DNA?
a) Sugar and phosphate b) sugar and nitrogen c) nitorgen and adenine d) phosphate and thymine
how many cells are produced in meiosis?
a) 4 b) 2 c) 6 d) 1
Genes are found on what?
a) chromosomes b) ER c) Vacuole d) mitochondria
How many steps in mitosis?
a) 4 b) 3 c) 2 d) 1
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