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Which nerves carry information from the fingertips to the brain?
a) Sensory Nerves b) Motor Nerves c) d)
What does your nervous system do when it senses you are in danger?
a) Increases heart rate, slows digestion of food b) get scared c) decrease heart rate d) speed up digestion of food
What three parts is the nervous system made up of?
a) brain, spinal cord, and nerves b) brain, spinal cord, and stomach c) heart, spinal cord, and nerves d) brain, smooth, and nerves
Which hemisphere of the brain controls the left side of your body?
a) Right Hemisphere b) Left Hemisphere c) Middle d) Back
What is the largest part of the brain?
a) Cerebrum b) Cerebellum c) Brain Stem d) Motor
What is a bundle of cells that carries information?
a) Nerves b) Brain c) Stomach d) Cerebrum
Which memory helps a person remember something for one year?
a) Long-term memory b) Short-term memory c) Thoughts d) Ideas
Which system controls the functions of the entire body?
a) Nervous b) Musculoskeletal c) Digestive d) Smooth
What does the cerebellum control?
a) It controls balance, movement, and coordination. b) helps you think c) connects rest of brain to spinal cord d)
What do motor nerves do?
a) They carry information from the brain to the other parts of the body. b) They carry information from body to the brain. c) d)
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