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A system of government that has executive power through the legislature. It may have a Prime Minister elected by the legislature.
a) Pariliamentary b) Presidential c) Unitary d) Monarchy
The power of government resides (is held by) within each citizen.
a) Autocratic b) Federation c) Theocracy d) Democratic
A government system in which a single state or nation is divided by levels of power: Federal, state or provincial, and local.
a) Federation b) Confederation c) Autocratic d) Democratic
A government in which the power is held by a single level of government that distributes or uses the power at its discretion.
a) Monarchy b) Unitary c) Oligarchy d) Theocracy
A government in which power is granted to a central authority from individual states that are loosely held by a constitution.
a) Monarchy b) Oligarchy c) Confederation d) Theocracy
A government ruled by a king or queen.
a) Presidential b) Monarchy c) Theocracy d) Oligarchy
Under this type of government, the president is independent from the legislature.
a) Parlimentary b) Autocratic c) Presidential d) Unitary
A government ruled by a religious leader is;
a) Theocracy b) Monarchy c) Presidential d) Parlimentary
The power of government is held to a select few, either a central authority or often a ruling high class.
a) Autocratic b) Oligarchy c) Monarchy d) Theocracy
Citizens are subject to the rule of one person.
a) Autocratic b) Monarchy c) Unitary d) Presidential
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