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a relationship in which 1 organism, which benefits, lives in or on another organism that is harmed by that other organism living in or on it
a) parasitism b) prey c) predator d) kids that will not move away after college :)
a relationship between two kinds of organisms that benefits both
a) mutualism b) parasitism c) prey d) community
relationship of two organisms in a community
a) symbiosis b) community c) predator d) prey
an animal that hunts other animals for food
a) predator b) prey c) mutualism d) commensalism
a living thing that is hunted for food
a) prey b) predator c) symbiosis d) niche
The overlapping food chains in an ecosystem
a) food web b) food chain c) predator d) community
The path of the energy in food from one organism to another
a) food chain b) predator c) prey d) mutualism
The role of an organism in a community
a) niche b) food chain c) food web d) community
All the members of one species in an area
a) population b) predator c) food web d) prey
The place where a plant or animal naturally lives and grows
a) habitat b) niche c) commensalism d) symbiosis
a relationship between 2 kinds of organisms where one benefits while the other is not harmed
a) commensalism b) parasitism c) prey d) community
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