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If two organisms belong to the same order, then they must also belong to the same
a) class. b) genus. c) species. d) family.
An organism's scientific name is based on how it is classified. Which of the following levels of classification determine the name?
a) kingdom and phylum b) genus and species c) class and order d) kingdom and species
You are are exploring a rain forest. You spot a flying animal. You notices it spends the daylight hours hanging from a cave. You examine the animal and it has a thin layer of hair. What order would this animal be placed?
a) birds b) reptiles c) mammals d) fish
Grouping objects based on what they have in common
a) taxonomy b) classification c) morphology d) family
The science of identifying, classifying, and naming living things is called?
a) Taxonomy b) Kingdom c) Genus d) Binomial Nomenclature
An organisms structure
a) Genus b) Species c) Class d) Morphology
Largest and most general group into which organisms are classified is called
a) Class b) Kingdom c) Genus d) Order
Contains organisms that can breed to produce fertile offspring
a) Species b) Dichotomous Key c) Taxonomy d) Binomial Nomenclature
The level below kingdom
a) Order b) Class c) Phylum d) Species
Level below Phylum
a) Class b) Order c) Kingdom d) Family
Level of classification below Class
a) Phylum b) Family c) Order d) Genus
Level of classification below Order
a) Family b) Genus c) Species d) Kingdom
Within families, organisms are placed into groups called
a) Genus b) Order c) Phylum d) Kingdom
Final classification also the last name in a Binomial Nomenclature
a) Genus b) Species c) Family d) Order
Body structure or type of behavior
a) Trait b) Classification c) Phylum d) Classification
A tool that helps scientists identify organisms
a) Classification b) Microscope c) Dichotomous Key d) Binomial Nomenclature
Naming system developed by Linnaeus. Uses genus for 1st name and species for 2nd name
a) Binomial Nomenclature b) Dichotomous Key c) Classification d) Dictionary
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