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What is ordered correctly?
a) Cell, tissue, organ, organ system b) Cell, organ, tissue, organ system c) Organ, tissue, organ system, cell d) Organ system, cell, tissue, organ
Which of the following is not a system?
a) Muscle b) Digestive c) Respiratory d) Circulatory
Where is DNA found in the Cell?
a) Nucleus b) ER c) Vacuole d) Ribosomes
A sugar cube in a glass of water represents ____.
a) Diffusion b) Active Transport c) Cell Cycle d) None of these.
Which cells have a nucleus?
a) Eukaryote b) Prokaryote c) Bacteria d) None of these
Which of the following do not have a nucleus?
a) Bacteria b) Animal c) Plants d) Fungi
The heart is an ______.
a) Organ b) Cell c) Tissue d) Organ system
A ______ is a group of organs that work together.
a) Organ system b) Cell c) Tissue d) Organ
________ is a group of cells working together to perform the same function.
a) Tissue b) Cell c) organ d) Organ System
A _______ is the smallest unit of life.
a) Cell b) Tissue c) Organ d) Organ system
An egg in vinegar represents what?
a) Osmosis b) Active Transport c) Photosynthesis d) Respiration
What is required for active transport?
a) Energy b) Sunlight c) Water d) Soil
Osmosis is the diffusion of what?
a) Water b) Food c) Salt d) Sugar
What happens during diffusion?
a) Molecules move from crowded to less crowded areas b) Molecules move from less crowded areas to more crowded areas c) Molecules dissolve d) Molecules burst
What does the cell membrane allow substances to do?
a) Enter and leave the cell b) Transport c) make proteins d) Control the cell
What is one of the protective structures of the cell?
a) Cell Membrane b) Cell Wall c) ER d) Nucleus
Where does the process of photosynthesis occur?
a) Chloroplast b) Cell Wall c) ER d) Vacuole
Where does cellular respiration occur?
a) Mitochondria b) ER c) Nucleus d) Vacuole
A selectively permeable membrane means.....
a) It allows only certain substances to enter the cell. b) It allows all materials to enter the cell c) It does not allow anything to enter the cell d) None of these
Active transport requires...
a) energy b) light c) water d) chocolate
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