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The math students opened their books to chapter eight.
a) books b) chapter c) opened d) students
The computer will automatically record each answer.
a) automatically b) record c) answer d) computer
The bad weather ruined our vacation.
a) ruined b) weather c) poor d) vacation
Ahmed asked his friends to wait outside.
a) friends b) outside c) Ahmed d) asked
The factory makes paper.
a) makes b) factory c) paper d) That
The teacher congratulated the students.
a) students b) teacher c) congratulated d) work
Many students found the new app very useful.
a) students b) found c) app d) useful
People must carry their ID at all times in the UAE.
a) people b) carry c) ID d) UAE
Sharks enjoy attacking seals.
a) Sharks b) seals c) enjoy d) attacking
The students use Quizlet to study.
a) students b) study c) Quizlet d) use
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