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When moving up the metric staircase, you move the decimal to the _____
a) LEFT b) RIGHT c) d)
a) 2.639dg b) 0.2639dg c) 2639dg d) 263.9dg
a) 91.3hm b) 913hm c) 0.913hm d) 9.13hm
Which temperature is boiling water?
a) 0 C b) 212 F c) 2 K d) 32 F
What temperature scales are found on a common thermometer?
a) Fahrenheit and Celsius b) Celsius and Kelvin c) Kelvin and Fahrenheit d)
a) 89.47m b) 0.8947m c) 8.947m d) 89.47m
a) 0.428dl b) 4280dl c) 4.28dl d) 0.0428dl
What is the formula for find the volume?
a) V= lenght * width * height b) V= length + width + height c) V= length * width d)
What is the smallest prefix on the metric staircase
a) Kilo- b) Centi- c) Milli- d) Deca-
In order, which riders do you move first?
a) 10g rider, 1g rider, 100g rider b) 100g rider, 10g rider, 1g rider c) 1g rider, 10g rider, 100g rider d)
a) 749.8hm b) 7.498hm c) 7498hm d) 0.7498hm
a) 0.075mm b) 0.75mm c) 75mm d) 750mm
a) 2.865dam b) 2865dam c) 0.2865dam d) 2865dam
a) 0.593m b) 5930m c) 5.93m d) 59.3m
a) 9.09g b) 909g c) 90.9g d) 0.909g
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