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To gain or get something
a) acquire b) aspire c) sullen d) subtle
To desire; to dream of
a) chorus b) aspire c) quench d) urgent
people singing in unison or all together; the part of the song that repeats itself
a) acquire b) aspire c) magnetic d) chorus
the force on earth that holds things down; serious
a) quench b) toxic c) gravity d) urgent
having an attractive quality
a) magnetic b) subtle c) sullen d) gravity
able to satisfy, as in thirst
a) chorus b) aspire c) quench d) urgent
hard to detect; faint, light
a) subtle b) sullen c) acquire d) urgent
gloomy or sad
a) acquire b) magnetic c) sullen d) subtle
a) toxic b) urgent c) gravity d) magnetic
must be dealt with quickly
a) chorus b) urgent c) aspire d) sullen
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