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Which isn't a European colonial power?
a) Germany b) France c) England d) Portugal
Which invention was a smaller sailing ship
a) Caravel b) Compass c) Gunpowder d) Astrolabe
Which invention used the sun and stars to determine latitude?
a) Astrolabe b) Caravel c) Compass d) Gunpowder
Which invention was used to tell direction?
a) Compass b) Astrolabe c) Gunpowder d) Caravel
Which weapon invention was used to take over the natives
a) Gunpowder b) Astrolabe c) Caravel d) Compass
Which economy used colonies as a source of raw materials
a) Mercantilism b) Feudalism c) Capitalism d) Communism
Which economy was based on land ownership
a) Feudalism b) Mercantilism c) Capitalism d) Communism
Which economy was based on the middle class business owners
a) Capitalism b) Feudalism c) Communism d) Mercantilism
A tariff taxes ____________.
a) imports b) exports c) land d) communites
Which continent wasn't part of the Triangle of Trade
a) Asia b) Europe c) The Americas d) Africa
What WASN'T a reason for the rise of capitalism?
a) trade growth due to navigation b) discovery/colonization of the New World c) growth of the merchant/middle class d) Lord/Vassal relationship
_______ had modern civilizations with some military strength, but later returned to isolation after European colonization
a) Asia b) Africa c) The Americas d) Australia
_________ was colonized due to the slave trade. The ______ sold the tribes they captured into slavery
a) Africa/Africans b) Asia/Asians c) America/Americans d) Australia/Aboriginies
___________ was colonized because of the motivation to make money.
a) America b) Asia c) Africa d) Australia
Used as forced labor in the Americas
a) Native Americans b) Indentured Servants c) African Slaves d) All of the above
Created large plantations in South America
a) Spain b) France c) England d) The Netherlands
Suriname was a colony of _______________.
a) The Netherlands b) Spain c) France d) England
Trade fur with the Native Americans
a) France b) Spain c) England d) The Netherlands
Settled the Eastern United States. Fought France in the French and Indian War in 1754-1763
a) England b) Portugal c) Spain d) The Netherlands
This colony was originally a prison colony
a) Georgia b) North Carolina c) South Carolina d) Virginia
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