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What force decreases as a bar of soap becomes wet?
a) electricity b) friction c) gravity d)
What pulls a car down a roller coaster?
a) electricity b) friction c) gravity d)
If a person releases a book, it will?
a) be pushed because of friction b) be pulled by a force c) increase in weight d)
What will make a moving object finally come to a stop?
a) electricity b) friction c) magnetism d)
What causes water drops to fall to the ground?
a) evaporation b) gravity c) magnetism d)
Bill throws a football. What force pulls the ball down toward the ground?
a) friction b) gravity c) inertia d)
Which substance would a wooden box move most easily?
a) pebbles b) sand c) oil d)
Which material should be used on a bicycle ramp to INCREASE friction?
a) a shiny material b) rough sand paper c) smooth wood d)
What force will most likely cause an apple to fall to the ground?
a) gravity b) friction c) speed d)
The energy an object has because of its position is called?
a) kinetic b) gravity c) potential d)
The energy an object has because it is moving is called?
a) weight b) kinetic c) friction d)
The tendancy for an object to stay in motion or at rest until a force acts upon it is called?
a) work b) gravity c) inertia d)
A force that works AGAINST motion is called?
a) friction b) speed c) energy d)
What is a push or pull called?
a) force b) position c) gravity d)
The change in speed or direction of a moving object is called?
a) speed b) position c) acceleration d)
The distance an object moves in a certain amount of time is called?
a) force b) speed c) position d)
What will a ball roll across the longest?
a) grass b) sand c) concrete d)
A ball sitting on top of a hill would have what kind of energy?
a) kinetic b) work c) potential d)
A ball rolling down a hill has what kind of energy?
a) potential b) kinetic c) work d)
Which scientist studied the Laws of Motion?
a) Ben Franklin b) Sir Isaac Newton c) Albert Einstein d)
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