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oseto means
a) joint b) bone c) neck d) throat
Cardio means
a) skin b) muscle c) spinal cord d) heart
Nose means
a) pneum b) rhin c) lingu d) gloss
a or an means
a) condition of b) without or lack of c) pertaining to the heart d) vessel
Algia means
a) surgical puncture b) drugs c) pain d) swelling
The prefix hyper means
a) stomach b) excessive or high c) water d) decrease or less than normal
What suffic means emia?
a) surgical removal of b) within c) blood d) vomit
What is the prefix for new?
a) intra b) hemi c) leuko d) neo
What suffix means Inflammation?
a) algia b) lysis c) stasis d) itis
cranio means
a) pancreas b) large intestine c) lung d) skull
thorac means
a) eye b) chest c) throat d) brain
Root word for red
a) aden b) arter c) entero d) erythro
Gastro means
a) stomach b) head c) liver d) small intestines
dys means
a) difficult or painful b) bleu c) sugar d) negative
Mal means
a) bad or abnormal b) tumor c) around d) after
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