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What are the 2 main types of mechanical waves?
a) A. Amplitude and Frequency b) B. Electromagnetic and Mechanical c) C. Longitudinal and Transverse d) D. Sound and Light
What happens when a pebble is dropped in a pond?
a) A. The water waves absorb b) B. The water waves compress c) C. The water waves reflect d) D. The water waves spread out
Predict what would happen to a mechanical wave if it did not transfer through a medium?
a) The wave would grow larger. b) It would producce more energy c) The wave would not exist d) The wave would grow smaller
Sound waves would travel faster through
a) Solids b) Liquids c) Gas d)
Sound waves would travel the slowest through
a) Water b) Concrete c) Atmosphere d)
The only waves that can travel through space are?
a) a. Chemical Waves b) b. Electromagnetic waves c) c. Mechanical waves d) d. ocean waves
The transfer of energy moving through a medium
a) Wave b) Medium c) Amplitude d) Frequency
Material that energy can transfer through
a) Medium b) Frequency c) Amplitude d) Wave
A wave in which the particles of the medium move perpendicularly to the way the wave is moving
a) Longitudinal Wave b) Transverse Wave c) Chemical Wave d)
A wave in which the particles of the medium vibrate parallel to the direction of the wave movement.
a) Longitudinal Wave b) Transverse Wave c) Chemical Wave d)
A wave, consisting of changing electric and magnetic fields, that is emitted by vibrating electrical charges and can travel through a vacuum
a) Chemical Wave b) Electromagnetic Wave c) Mechanical Wave d)
A wave that requires a medium to transfer its energy
a) Electromagnetic Wave b) Mechanical Wave c) Light Wave d)
Which sequence has the steps of inquiry in the correct order?
a) Question, Hypothesis, Experiment, Record and Analyze Data, Conclusion b) Question, Record and Analyze Data,Hypothesis, Experiment, , Conclusion c) Hypothesis, Question, Experiment, Record and Analyze Data, Conclusion d) Question, Hypothesis, Experiment, Conclusion, Record and Analyze Data,
Which one is a QUANTITATIVE observation
a) The room is cold b) it is currently seventy six degrees outside. c) Ms. Mayes is old. d) The juice was purple and very cold
Which one is an example of a QUALITATIVE observation
a) Ms. Mayes is 86 years old b) There are two light bulbs burned out in the room c) My shirt is black with silver buttons d)
Mr Pickinpaugh is
a) The most amazing teacher ever b) Fun c) Makes class exciting d) All the above
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