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What is a path of a moving point through space?
a) Line b) Space c) Form d) Value
What is NOT an element of art?
a) Value b) Shape c) Proportion d) Line
What has height and width can can be geometric or organic?
a) Space b) Shape c) Form d) Texture
What is the area around, above, below or beneath an object?
a) Space b) Balance c) Shape d) Color
What is derived from reflected light?
a) line b) Radial c) Texture d) Color
What has height, width and depth and describes object in 3-dimensions?
a) Form b) Texture c) Value d) Color
What describes how something feels or looks as if it might feel?
a) Movement b) Texture c) Value d) Line
What describes the lightness or darkness of an object?
a) Color b) Emphasis c) Value d) Line
Which of the following is an element used only with flat art?
a) Shape b) Color c) Form d) Line
Which is one way to describe space in a 3-D artwork like sculpture?
a) Foreground b) Form c) Negative d) Middleground
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