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What do you have when two or more computers are connected to each other?
a) Dual Band b) Network c) Multi-computers d) Grouped
Which way(s) computer networks can be connected:
a) Ethernet Cables b) Phone Lines c) Wireless d) All answers are correct
A printer is what type of device?
a) Input b) Computer c) Output d) Solo
What types of printers are the most common?
a) Laser and Inkjet b) Black and White c) Shared d) HP and Dell
Print servers enable multiple clients to do what?
a) Share print devices b) Print for free c) Use for personal use d) Correct answer is not given
What are the primary types of hubs in the computing world?
a) Network and USB b) Hub and Switch c) Network and Switch d) USB and Hub
What type of hub is a device that allows multiple computers to communicate with each other over a network?
a) Wireless b) LAN Line c) Network d) Server
What type of hub is a device that allows multiple peripherals to connect through a single USB port.
a) USB b) Hub c) Network d) Server
What does LAN stand for?
a) Local Area Network b) Limited Access Network c) Long Area Network d) Local Arrival Network
Most mid to large-sized businesses today use LANs, which makes it easy for employees to do what?
a) Encrypt Data b) Share Information c) Area Connection d) Server Support
What acts like a coin sorting machine, allowing only authorized machines to connect to other computer systems?
a) Hub b) Server c) Router d) Switch
What do you need in order to connect to the Internet?
a) Wireless Connection b) LAN (Local Area Network) c) ISP (Internet Service Provider) d) Server
What does ISDN stand for?
a) Internet Service Detection Network b) Independent Service Data Nodule c) Instant Service Detection Network d) Integrated Services Digital Network
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