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Hematology 1: Question Preview (ID: 2625)

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All of the following are reasons a person would have an increased hemoglobin except
a) dehydration b) high elevations c) leukemia d) polycythemia vera  
The normal percentage of lymphocytes in an adult is about
a) 25-40% b) 50-65% c) 3-9% d) 13-20%  
A medical reason a person would have extreme leukocytosis
a) polycythemia vera b) anemia c) leukemia d) leukopenia  
What happens to the cell count if the hemocytometer is overcharged
a) falsely increased b) remains the same c) nothing d) falsely decreased  
How many protein chains are connected to the globin portion of hemoglobin?
a) 4 b) 3 c) 2 d) 1  
The most common cause of basophilia is
a) mononucleosis b) myelogenous leukemia c) bacterial infection d) viral infection  
The hemocytometer is useful in determining all but the following
a) sperm counts b) platelet counts c) white blood cell counts d) hemoglobin  
The leukocyte that is responsible for phagocytosis is the _________________
a) neutrophil b) monocyte c) eosinophil d) lymphocyte  
What is the stain used to prepare blood smears for differentials?
a) Wright stain b) Gram stain c) India ink d) Eyrthrostain  
Having both microcytes and macrocytes on the blood smear is called___________
a) poikilocytosis b) erythrocytosis c) polychromasia d) anisocytosis  

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