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Scientific investigations include many different steps. After which step in a scientific investigation might a scientist use results to reject an existing hypothesis and form a new hypothesis?
a) Analyze data b) Identify variables c) Follow a procedure d) Review safety procedures
Juan hypothesizes that some birds fly south to locations with warmer weather and blooming flowers during winter months. Which procedure should Juan use to test his hypothesis?
a) Survey northern and southern residents about the birds in their areas. b) Observe the direction the birds fly when they depart in the winter. c) Tag the birds with transmitters and track their movement. d) Set up observation posts in the south to verify the time of year birds arrive.
A control is a part of the investigation that is _____ and used for comparision.
a) often added b) always changed c) being tested d) not being tested
A(n) _____ is the variable that is being observed during an experiment.
a) restricted b) dependent variable c) independent variable d) constant
Emma experimented to determine how long it would take dough to rise above the top of a loaf pan. Emma added salt to DOUGH B, water to DOUGH C, and baking soda to DOUGH D. She did not add anything to DOUGH A. Which dough was the controlled variable
a) A b) B c) C d) D
Which hypothesis would be best tested by conducting this experiment? Place a piece of bread in a plastic bag labeled A and a piece of bread on plate B. Observe both pieces of bread each day.
a) Mold will grown in the sun but not in the shade. b) Mold will grow faster in a bag than on a plate. c) Mold will grow on the bread soaked on water. d) Mold will grow faster on white bread than on wheat bread.
Which of the following should listed as the hypothesis for the following experiment: Combine baking soda and vinegar together in a beaker.
a) Vinegar will have an odor, but baking soda will not. b) Baking soda will test as a basic substance. c) Vinegar and water will not mix together. d) The baking soda will bubble when mixed with vinegar.
What is the best way to test a hypothesis?
a) look on a computer b) ask a friend c) conduct and experiment d) read scientific books
An important step i the scientific method is to _____ the conclusions you make after the experiment.
a) hide b) show evidence supporting c) predict d) clean up
It is important to collect and record the data you get from an experiment. When should this be done?
a) before the experiment b) during and after the experiment c) only during the experiment d) only after the experiment
An experiment needs at least two subjects that can be compared. Which is the name for the experiment subject that you do not make any changes to?
a) the hypothesis b) the data c) the dependent variable d) the control
What is written on Line 2 of this lab report? LINE 1: Kelly Thomas LINE 2: If i put plant A in the sun, then it will grow taller than plant B. LINE 3: 3 seeds, 2 cups, soil, water, marker
a) the results of Kelly's experiment b) the materials needed for the experiment c) the scientist's name d) Kelly's hypothesis
What is the main reason scientists conduct experiments and investigate?
a) the want to make graphs b) they want to answer questions c) they want to write notes d) they want to use chemicals
As a scientist, which should you do after you state a hypothesis?
a) think of another hypothesis b) tell others your hypothesis is true c) state your hypothesis as fact d) test your hypothesis by doing an experiment
Scientists must repeat an experiment for it to be useful.
a) True b) False c) d)
Joe found a rock and looked closely at it. He felt the rock with his fingers. Joe noticed that the rock smelled like moss. What was Joe doing?
a) making a hypothesis b) doing an experiment c) making an observation d) reading a science book
Scientists need fancy instruments to to experiments.
a) True b) False c) d)
You should do an experiment to see if eating breakfast helps students raise their grades.
a) True b) False c) d)
Every scientific investigation is an experiment.
a) True b) False c) d)
In chemistry, scientists classify some elements as metals. Which property of the metal copper can a scientist identify through OBSERVATION alone?
a) Its density is 8.96 g/cm2 b) It is a good conductor of heat c) It has low electrical resistance d) It has a metallic, golden-brown color.
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