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When and where a story takes place
a) Theme b) Setting c) Character d) Resolution
How a problem is solved in a story
a) Conflict b) Resolution c) Theme d) Setting
The people, animals or objects in a story, movie, play or poem
a) Characters b) Setting c) Plot d) Resolution
How the story ends
a) Myth b) Conflict c) Conclusion d) Moral
The problem in the story
a) Conflict b) Moral c) Setting d) Conclusion
All of the events that occur in a story
a) Plot b) Characters c) Setting d) Theme
The main message of the story
a) Theme b) Plot c) Characters d) Moral
The feeling a story creates in the mind of the reader
a) Moral b) Mood c) Plot d) Setting
What is the turning point or most exciting part of a story?
a) Characters b) Setting c) Climax d) Theme
When the author forms an image in your mind
a) Characters b) Conflict c) Imagery d) Setting
When the opposite of what you think is going to happen happens
a) Irony b) Moral c) Characters d) Theme
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