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These leaders rely on the abilities, knowledge, and feedback of the entire team. They accept and value input from followers.
a) Transactional b) Participative c) Servant d) Charismatic
These leaders are known for their immense enthusiasm. They believe in their vision and abilities and want their followers too also. Very concerned about their image.
a) Charismatic b) Participative c) Authoritarian d) Transformational
This leadership style is primarily based on rewards for good work and punishment for mistakes. (You do the work, I pay you the money)
a) Servant b) Transformational c) Authoritarian d) Transactional
This type of leadership represents absolute power of a leader over the followers. They say when and how every task should be accomplished.
a) Transactional b) Authoritarian c) Charismatic d) Participative
Which of the following is NOT a follower-centered style of leadership
a) Servant Leadership b) Transformational Leadership c) Transactional Leadership d) Participative Leadership
Which of the following is NOT a leader-centered style of leadership
a) Authoritarian Leadership b) Charismatic Leadership c) Participative Leadership d) Transactional Leadership
_________ deals with doing the right things, ______________ deals with doing things right.
a) leadership, management b) management, leadership c) management, management d) leadership, leadership
When leaders base their leadership style on specific circumstances --- according to follower capabilities and the complexity of each task.
a) Leader-centric b) Follower-centric c) Situational-centric d) management-centric
Leaders who are born - not chosen
a) Leader-centric b) Follower-centric c) Situational-centric d) management-centric
When supervisors give responsibility and decision making ability over to their workers, job satisfaction increased
a) Leader-centric b) Follower-centric c) Situational-centric d) management-centric
These leaders care more about the success of their followers than about their own success. These leaders look at their followers as partners and treat them as equals.
a) Charismatic b) Transformational c) Authoritarian d) Servart
This type of leadership builds on inspiring the followers to achieve a shared vision of the organizational future. This style of leadership is based on a trustworthy relationship with the employees.
a) Transformational b) Transactional c) Authoritarian d) Participative
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