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Who has an uncle that talks to a ghost named Phil?
a) Nathan b) Mark c) Madison d) Kyle
Which of the following has the largest foot?
a) Ben b) Max c) Hannah d) Mattie
Which of the following gets sea sick?
a) Zack b) Noah c) Sam d) Sarah
What is a celestial object?
a) object in space b) retrograde c) only stars d) a phase
What are the two solstices?
a) winter and summer b) fall and spring c) spring and winter d) summer and fall
A car is blowing its horn as it approaches, what is happening to the sound waves?
a) they are being compressed b) they are being stretched c) blue shift d) zenith
Which of the following people was stung by a wasp that crawled out of their drink?
a) Cruz b) Ally c) Amanda d) Mr. Willis
What are the stars mainly made of?
a) Hydrogen and Helium b) Iron and Helium c) Magnesium and Neon d) Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide
Which of the following is the largest element produced in a star?
a) iron b) helium c) hydrogen d) nickel
How old is the universe?
a) 13.7 byo b) 24.97 byo c) 13.7 myo d) 17.8 byo
Who discovered Red Shift Blue Shift?
a) Hubble b) Obama c) Einstein d) Aristotle
Which of the following students has a twin?
a) Dylan b) Preston c) Ryan d) Chandler
Earth is a satellite of which of the following?
a) Sun b) Mars c) Pluto d) Neptune
What is circumpolar?
a) stars that seen year round and appear to rotate around the poles? b) a circular pole c) a circular pole that looks like a pole d) object that is directly above the observer
The spinning of a body about its axis
a) rotation b) circumpolar c) prograde d) axis
What is the Big Bang Theory?
a) the theory that explains the beginning of the universe b) a TV show about the sun c) a solar flare d) atomic bomb
Which person has painted finger nails?
a) Brooklyn b) Nelson c) Jacob d) Charlie
What is Hubble?
a) Telescope b) bomb c) kangaroo wearing a hat d) Nelson rides
What is a zenith?
a) the highest point on the celestial sphere directly above the observers head b) the lowest point on the celestial sphere directly below the observer c) Another name for Hubble d) when the moon moves in front of the sun
What is the name of the nebula that we believed formed our sun?
a) Solar Nebula b) Lunar Nebula c) Milky Way d) Andromeda
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