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work with each other in a group
a) interact b) exalt c) amble d) entangle
height or vertical distance
a) amble b) alternative c) ambition d) altitude
to respond in an exaggerated way
a) altitude b) interact c) overreact d) quadrangle
to set into motion or turn on
a) alto b) activate c) alternate d) ambulance
to elevate, especially by giving praise
a) exalt b) alternate c) ambition d) entangle
highest male or female singing voice
a) altitude b) alto c) ambition d) exalt
change repeatedly between two actions
a) ambition b) interact c) alternate d) activate
different, other than the main option
a) amble b) overreact c) activate d) alternative
to change in some way
a) alter b) ambulance c) entangle d) quadrangle
to walk in an unhurried manner
a) alter b) amble c) overreact d) angular
vehicle used to transport the ill or injured
a) alter b) quadrangle c) ambulance d) ambition
the desire to achieve something
a) alternative b) entangle c) amble d) ambition
having sharp points or jagged
a) angular b) altitude c) interact d) alto
to ensnare or intertwine
a) angular b) entangle c) interact d) overreact
a four-sided shape or rectangular courtyard
a) ambulance b) amble c) quadrangle d) exalt
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