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________ refers to both the speed of the object and the direction of its motion.
a) speed b) orientation c) velocity d) force
The rate of change of velocity of an object is called __________.
a) acceleration b) orientation c) speed d) motion
On a distance time graph, the time is the _________ variable.
a) independent b) dependent c) constant d)
On a distance time graph, the distance is the ___________ variable.
a) independent b) dependent c) constant d)
When the slope of a line is horizontal to the x-axis, the speed is ________.
a) zero; the object is not moving b) moving faster c) moving slower d) is negative
This type of graph is used to represent how both speed and distance change with time
a) line plot graph b) distance time graph c) pie graph d) bar graph
_______ is a measure of how fast something moves a particular distance over a given amount of time
a) speed b) motion c) orientation d) friction
A ________ can cause an object's orientation to change
a) force b) speed c) pull d) direction
______ occurs when there is a change in position.
a) Motion b) speed c) position d) velocity
The distance and direction of an object's change in position from the starting point
a) displacement b) position c) speed d) orientation
The _________ is the relative point from which an object moves
a) starting point b) reference point c) start d) displacement
________ is the line, or path along which something is moving, pointing, and aiming.
a) Direction b) orientation c) speed d) velocity
A ________ is a push or a pull.
a) force b) motion c) direction d) orientation
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