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The cost to use someone else's money for a period of time is
a) Gross Income b) Net Income c) Installment loan d) Interest rate
When a person brings an item to a pawnshop to obtain cash, the transaction is considered
a) Installment loan b) a collateralized loan c) Interest rate d) A savings plan
a loan repaid with interest in equal payments. Car payment
a) Net Income b) A savings plan c) Installment loan d) Interest rate
The amount of an individual's take-home pay after taxes have been taken out
a) Gross Income b) A savings plan c) Interest rate d) Net Income
the total amount of income from wages before any Taxes are taking out
a) Gross Income b) A savings plan c) Interest rate d) Net Income
change from one period to another,examples Electricity and food expenditures
a) A savings plan b) Gross Income c) variable expenses d) Interest rate
The true cost of credit that must be disclosed on a loan agreement
a) a collateralized loan b) Interest rate c) The annual percentage rate (APR) d) Installment loan
Troy has $50 a month transferred electronically from his checking account to his savings account. This is an example of:
a) Installment loan b) A savings plan c) Net Income d) Gross Income
is—a plan for spending money.An estimate (usually by category) of expected income and expenses for a given period of time.
a) Surplus b) Income c) PYF d) Budget
You use one credit card to pay the balance on another credit card.
a) Signs of Financial Trouble b) opportunity cost c) Discretionary Income d) Deficit
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