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Which of the following do scientists think will happen to the universe?
a) Expand forever b) Expand then shrink c) Burn in a Supernova d) Big Bang
Which of the following did the scientists who discovered Cosmic Background Radiation think was messing up their radio antenna?
a) dogs b) clouds c) pigeons d) dust
Which of the following is the largest?
a) Universe b) Planet c) Star d) Solar System
Which of the following is a reason that scientists put telescopes in space?
a) Atmospheric interference b) birds c) distance d) color spectrum
Which of the following is evidence for The Big Bang Theory?
a) Red Shift b) Green Shift c) Iron d) Salt
Which of the following is evidence for The Big Bang Theory?
a) Cosmic Background Radiation b) Hubble Theory c) The temperature of the Sun d) Hydrogen Bonds
What is the name of our galaxy?
a) Andromeda b) Milky Way c) Spiral d) Irregular
What were the first elements to form?
a) Hydrogen and Helium b) Hydrogen and Oxygen c) Iron and Nickel d) Helium and Iron
Which of the following is how old scientists believe the universe to be?
a) 13.7 billion year old b) 13.7 million year old c) 4.6 billion year old d) 7 billion year old
Which of the following is your current Earth Science Teacher?
a) Mr. Willis b) Mrs. Doster c) Mrs. Moore d) Mr. Springfield
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