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A civilization has three major components: extra food, towns, and
a) religion b) government c) writing system d) different jobs
The ideas, knowledge, and rituals a group of people share is called a
a) culture b) scribe c) town d) civilization
The Phoenicians made the majority of their money through
a) farming b) ceramics c) sailing d) pillaging
A division of social classes in Ancient India is called
a) Hinduism b) the levelling system c) Untouchables d) the caste system
China's geographic isolation allowed Chine to develop a sense of
a) courage b) identity c) religion d) knowledge
In this form of government, one person controls the power.
a) autocracy b) monarchy c) democracy d) bureaucracy
This person studies plant, animal, and human remains to understand the past.
a) scribe b) emperor c) archeologist d) historian
The Great Wall provided Anicent China with
a) natural resources b) protection c) nothing d) identity
This is the belief that animal spirits live in everything.
a) Hinduism b) dualism c) autocracy d) animism
Many early civilizations settled by:
a) mountains b) deserts c) water d) other people
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