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a) struggle among characters or with a force of nature b) carefully worded ending in a mystery c) a type of candy used in a mystery d)
a) the opening scene of a story b) your final thought or judgement about what you have read taking into account all the facts and inferences you have made c) peter pepper picked a peck of pickled peppers d)
a) all of its parts must stick together and be clearly understood b) parts are equal but parallel in the story c) struggle among characters d)
a) the end of the story b) the beginning of the story c) point in a story at which the conflict is decided d)
a) dramatic crying during a scene in a play b) the assumption that a problem or situation has only one possible cause or resolution when there may be several c) d)
dramatic irony
a) joking b) when someone uses sarcasem c) occurs when the audience know something that a character in a literary selection doesn't know d)
direct characterization
a) stating directly what the character is like b) a repititon of vowel sounds c) words that rhyme d)
a) a place in a story b) a way of speaking that's characteristic of a particular place or group of peopl c) a poem for someone that has died d)
a) habits or ways of doing things that are particular to a group of people b) stating directly what a character is like c) the assumption that a problem or situation only has one answer d)
a) a coffee mug used to serve tea in England b) a song that repeats the chorus over and over c) when two rhyming lines are consecutive d)
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