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very high building
a) column b) grove c) tower d) mammoth
burn slightly
a) decay b) scorch c) calculate d) decay
fully grown
a) mammoth b) tower c) mature d) scorch
to allow
a) permit b) resist c) forbid d) exceed
to withstand
a) forbid b) calculate c) permit d) resist
very large
a) tower b) column c) mammoth d) mature
tree branch (or an arm)
a) limb b) tower c) climate d) grove
group of trees
a) limb b) grove c) mammoth d) decay
not allowed
a) permit b) resist c) forbid d) limb
go beyond
a) exceed b) mature c) permit d) resist
a tall stone support
a) grove b) tower c) mammoth d) column
breaking down
a) decay b) calculate c) fobid d) exceed
weather conditions
a) decay b) climate c) grove d) scorch
a) affect b) tower c) calculate d) permit
a) affect b) calculate c) exceed d) permit
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