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An imaginary grid line that runs east to west, parallel to the equator is
a) longitude b) meridian c) hemisphere d) latitude
A measuring device that operates by bouncing radio waves off an object
a) false color image b) radar c) topography d) contour interval
The angle that a compass needle will vary from true north is called
a) a false color image b) a cartographer c) magnetic declination d) projection
A map maker is called
a) a cartographer b) a mapographer c) a geologist d) a physiologist
The contour interval is
a) the interval shown in one contour line b) the difference in elevation between two consecutive contour lines c) the highest elevation on a topographic map d) the difference between the highest & lowest elevation on a map
The slope is
a) a line connecting all points of the same elevation b) topography c) the change in elevation between two contour lines d) two hemispheres
Zero degrees longitude is
a) the equator b) a hemisphere c) the Prime Meridian d) a parallel
Natural & man made features on land is called
a) a false color image b) topography c) a radar image d) magnetic declination
Lines on a topographic map that connect points of the same elevation are called
a) contour lines b) elevation lines c) false color image lines d) zip lines
Information that shows you how a map's features compare in size to Earth's surface is
a) magnetic declination b) a contour interval c) a false color image d) a map scale
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