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The truth about life revealed in a work of literature
a) theme b) atmosphere c) plot d) setting
A fictional prose narrative that is usually ten to twenty pages long
a) short story b) plot c) novel d) novella
In general a contrast between expectation and reality
a) irony b) atmosphere c) suspense d) climax
The time and place in which the events of a work of literature takes place
a) setting b) theme c) plot d) resolution
The overall mood or emotion of a work of literature
a) atmosphere b) theme c) irony d) setting
The series of related events that make up a story
a) plot b) short story c) atmosphere d) setting
The stories most emotional or suspensful moment. This is the point where the conflict is decided.
a) climax b) resolution c) suspense d) setting
The part of the story. This is where the loose ends of the plot are tied up and the story is closed.
a) resolution b) climax c) suspense d) setting
The uncertainty or anxiety you feel about what will happen next in the story.
a) suspense b) climax c) atmosphere d) irony
A conflict that takes place in a character's mind
a) internal conflict b) external conflict c) suspense d) character
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