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Maps that show natural features are called __________________.
a) Road Maps b) Political Maps c) Elevation Maps d) Physical Maps
What is a map that shows countries and state called?
a) Political Map b) Physical Map c) Elevation Map d) Road Map
Identifying a location depending on something else is called _______.
a) Region b) Movement c) Absolute Location d) Relative Location
____________ is location using latitude and longitude.
a) Relative Location b) Absolute Location c) Movement d) Region
What are the lines on a map that run east to west called?
a) Grid b) Latitude c) Meridians d) Longitude
What are the lines that run north to south called?
a) Longitude b) Grid c) Parallels d) Latitude
What is the symbol on a map the shows direction called?
a) Scale Bar b) Key c) Index d) Compass Rose
What explains the symbols that identify items on a map?
a) Key b) Scale Bar c) Compass Rose d) Longitude
A(n) __________ is a book of maps or charts?
a) Dictionary b) Thesaurus c) Atlas d) Almanac
What is a diagram or representation of an area called?
a) Atlas b) Map c) Geography d) Chart
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