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When using a wrap, or a towel, the client arranges it so that the open side is situated at the ___ of the body
a) Back b) Front c) Side d) Upper half
In administering massage, the practitioner must be aware of all of the following except
a) completion of paperwork b) comosition of the massage c) contact with the client d) quality of touch
_____ is key to the way the client will respond to the terapist and the massage treatment
a) eye contact b) quality of touch c) room temperature d) self-confidence
The massage ______refers to the pattern of design of a massage
a) cycle b) flow c) method d) sequence
Do you want to build a snowman?
a) C'mon lets go and play b) we used to be best buddies c) I think some company is overdue d) Let it go
How many bones are in an adult human body
a) 138 b) 206 c) 602 d) 260
How many muscles are in the human body
a) over 800 b) under 300 c) over 600 d) under 100
What is another name for harmful bacteria
a) spirilla b) non-pathogen c) cocci d) pathogen
The Battlecreek Sanitorium was run by
a) Mezger b) Kellogg c) Taylor d) Palmer
______ is known as the Father of chair massage
a) Mezger b) Kellogg c) Taylor d) Palmer
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