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all of the following are forms of nonverbal communication EXCEPT
a) gestures b) posturing c) voice tone d) facial expressions
an effective consultation depends on which one of the following
a) clear communication b) first impressions c) practicioner preparedness d) sensitivity and friendliness
_____ are used to greatly reduce the spread of infectious disease
a) paths of transmission b) board of health regulations c) antibodies d) sanitary procedures
_____ is the most complete process that destroys all living organisms, including bacterial spores.
a) disinfection b) immunization c) sterilazation d) sanitation
the second level of decontaminating pathogens, ___ does not kill bacterial spores
a) disinfection b) sanitation c) sterilazation d) immunization
a massage practitioners hands should be washed with warm water and soap
a) before each session b) after each session c) both before and after d) whenever visibly soiled
the consultaion is a time to do which of the following
a) Gather and exchange info b) assess the feasibility of new techniques c) negotiate fees with clients d) All answers
all of the following are types of Fungi EXCEPT?
a) ring worm b) common cold c) athletes foot d) candida
the consultation is the best time for all of the following EXCEPT
a) obtaining practitioners informed consent b) formulating treatment plan c) performing a preliminary assessment d) explaining procedures
A ______ is the causative agent for aids
a) virus b) fungi c) bacteria d) protozoa
____ is a diverse group of organisms potentially capable of causing disease that thrive or grow in wet or damp areas.
a) pathogens b) bacteria c) fungus d) virus
a ____ is defined as any of a class of submicroscopic pathogenic agents that are capable of transmitting
a) virus b) pathogen c) parasite d) bacteria
the three general forms of bacteria include all of the following except?
a) cocci b) spirilla c) fungi d) bacilli
bacteria are also called_____ or _____ and are most numerous in dirt, refuse, unclean water, and diseased tissues.
a) diseases, viruses b) germs, microbes c) fungi, viruses d) microorganisms, parasites
is a major defense against the invasion of pathogens
a) healthy skin b) antibacterial soap c) ventilation d) bleach
are minute, unicellular microorganisms exhibiting both plant and animal characteristics
a) bacteria b) fungi c) microorganisms d) viruses
are often the result of inhaling tiny airborne pathogens by simply being in close proximity to a contagious individual who is coughing , sneezing, or simply talking.
a) parasites b) respritory infection c) digestive infections d) secually transmitted diseases
common paths of infection includes all of the following except?
a) ingestion b) inhalation c) skin contact d) parasites
infection diseases are casued by minute living organisms called?
a) bacteria b) microorganisms c) pathogens d) All answers
The practitioners hands must be sanitized before touching each client by washing with?
a) Cresol or Lysol b) soap and warm water c) an alcohol rinse d) antibacterial cream
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