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(QR6) disadvantages or negative features that cause a person to want to leave a place
a) migrate b) push factors c) pull factors d) interdependence
(QR6) to move from one area to settle in another
a) migrate b) economics c) government d) history
(QR10) a map used by a sailor or airplane pilot
a) nautical map b) culture map c) climate map d) population density map
(QR6) advantages or features that draw a person to live in a new place
a) migration b) push factors c) pull factors d) economics
(QR6/8/9) a system of imaginary lines that measure distance north or south of the equator
a) longitude b) latitude c) estuaries d) interdependence
(QR6) something that makes the transportation of goods, people, ideas easier (rivers, roads, flat land, etc.)
a) adaptation b) transportation barrier c) transportation corridor d) culture
(QR10) a way of showing Earth’s spherical curved surface on a flat 2-dimensional surface
a) latitude b) map projection c) longitude d) adaptation
(QR1/2) The combination of all of a group of people’s behaviors and beliefs is known as their ______________________.
a) government b) region c) environment d) culture
(QR1/2) The study of how people manage their resources is ____________________________________.
a) government b) culture c) economics d) history
(QR1) “Physical Capital” “Human Capital” and “Natural” are the different types of _____________________________.
a) governments b) economies c) resources d) cultures
(QR1/2)The record of people and events of the past is ______________________________.
a) culture b) history c) economics d) government
(QR1) A legal resident of a country is a ______________________________.
a) citizen b) illegal immigrant c) governor d) mayor
(QR3) The need of one group of nations for the products and skills of another group of nations is an example of _________________________________.
a) history b) economics c) interdependence d) culture
(QR3) An area of the world in which many people share similar beliefs, history, and language is a ______________________.
a) state b) culture trait c) government d) culture region
(QR1)The conflict between limited resources and unlimited desire is known as ____________________________________.
a) history b) scarcity c) geography d) government
(QR1/2)__________________________ is made up of the people and groups in a society that make laws and carry them out.
a) Government b) History c) Economics d) Interdependence
(QR1/6)__________________________ focuses on the themes of location, place, region, movement, human-environment interaction.
a) History b) Economics c) Geography d) Culture
(QR10) a map that shows a particular kind of information, such as population density or mineral resources
a) general reference map b) nautical map c) thematic map d) none of these are correct
(QR6/8/9) a system of imaginary lines that connect at the North and South Poles are used to measure distance east or west of the Prime Meridian
a) latitude b) longitude c) interdependence d) transformers
(QR10) someone who makes maps
a) poet b) carpenter c) cartographer d) geographer
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