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Simplified form of applied kinesiology that involves techniques from both Eastern and Western origins
a) Touch for Health b) Trager method c) Rolfing d) Reflexology
Uses movement exercises called mentastatics along withmassage-like, gentle shaking of different parts of the body to eliminate and prevent pent-up tension.
a) Trager method b) Rolfing c) Reflexology d) Touch for Health
Aligns the major body segments through manipulation of the fascia or the connective tissue.
a) Neuromuscular Techniques b) Rolfing c) Reflexology d) Trager method
Group of techniques that assess and address soft tissue dysfunction by affecting the neurological mechanisms that cotrol the muscle.
a) Trager method b) Rolfing c) Neuromuscular technique d) Reflexology
Stimulation of particular points on the surface of the body, which in turn affects otehr areas or organs of the body.
a) Trager method b) Rolfing c) Reflexology d) Touch for health
The lightest, most superficial of the percussion techniques
a) beating b) cupping c) slapping d) tapping
A movement that uses a rhythmical, glancing contact with the body using the flat surface of the palms.
a) slapping b) tapping c) cupping d) hacking
The heaviest and deepest form of percussion done over the denser areas of the body.
a) cupping b) beating c) hacking d) slapping
A technique used by respiratory therapists to help break up lung congestion
a) beating b) cupping c) slapping d) hacking
A rapid striking movement that can be done with one or both hands.
a) cupping b) hacking c) beating d) tapping
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