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This engine, invented by Charles Babbage, was the first fully programmable automatic mechanical calculator, and is first general purpose computer concept.
a) Analytical Engine b) Difference Engine c) Abacus d) The ABC Computer
This device, invented by Charles Babbage, was the first automatic mechanical calculator.
a) Abacus b) Difference Engine c) Antikythera Mechanism d) The ABC Computer
Inventor of the first computer. His Difference Engine and Analytical Engine were the first automatic mechanical computers/calculators. Laid the groundwork for what computers have become today.
a) Ada Lovelace b) Edmund Berkely c) Herman Hollerith d) Charles Babbage
He inventented an electronic tabulating machine to help with the US Census. This machine was one of the first electronic computers. His company would later be known as IBM.
a) Herman Hollerith b) Charles Babbage c) Steve Jobs d) Bill Gates
He invented the Pascaline, the first mechanical calculator.
a) Joseph-Marie Jacquard b) Paul Allen c) Blaise Pascal d) Herman Hollerith
His Loom Head inventions, used punch cards like computer programs. When you changed the punch card, you could change the patterns.
a) Charles Babbage b) Joseph-Marie Jacquard c) Ada Lovelace d) Edumund Berkeley
This device was the first known calculator.
a) Difference Engine b) Analytical Engine c) The ABC Computer d) Abacus
This device was discovered in a Greek ship wreck. Over 2,000 years old, this device was one of the first mecanical computers. It could calculate the movement of starts and planets in astronomy.
a) Antikythera Mechanism b) The Pascaline c) Abacus d) Difference Engine
He Co-Founded Apple, and helped create the first commercially successful personal computer.
a) Herman Hollerith b) Steve Jobs c) Charles Babbage d) Bill Gates
Wrote the first computer program using punch cards, is the first computer programmer.
a) Steve Jobs b) Charles Babbage c) Ada Lovelace d) Bill Gates
An American computer scientist, and invented the first personal computer, Simon, in 1950.
a) Edmund Berkeley b) Paul Allen c) Joseph-Marie Jacquard d) Ada Lovelace
He invented the first computer mouse in 1964, changing the way we interact with computers.
a) Edmund Berkeley b) Ada Lovelace c) Steve Jobs d) Douglas Engelbart
He co-founded Microsoft, the largest software company in the world.
a) Douglas Engelbart b) Steve Jobs c) Bill Gates d) Joseph-Marie Jacquard
He co-founded Apple, and helped create the first commerically successful personal computer with a mouse.
a) Bill Gates b) Steve Jobs c) Edmund Berkeley d) Douglas Engelbart
Built in 1942, this device was the first fully automatic electronic digital computer.
a) The Atanasoff-Berry Computer (ABC) b) Abacus c) Difference Engine d) Antikythera Mechanism
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