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What printing process this uses electrically charged image on a drum to hold toner. The toner is then transferred to the paper. A heating unit fuses the toner onto the paper?
a) electrostatic b) gravure c) offset lithography d) screen
What images are generated mathematically, with specific points in the image defining its shape.
a) bitmap b) continuous c) raster d) vector
Typefaces are grouped into 5 categories. The typeface that has small rounded or pointed flairs at the end of the letters, like Times New Roman is which category?
a) decorative b) san serif c) script d) serif
In order to do electronic publishing you only need a computer, mouse, monitor, scanner, and a printer. Which of the following is NOT needed.
a) keyboard b) an office c) page-layout software d) processing unit
What printing process is from a raised surface. Ink is applied to the raised surface,
a) electrostatic b) gravure c) offset lithography d) relief
Which printing process is from a recessed surface?
a) electrostatic b) gravure c) offset lithography d) relief
Once a product has been printed, it might require finishing work, such as cutting, folding, drilling or punching, die cutting, assembling, binding, stamping, and embossing.
a) true b) false c) d)
When producing a printed graphic message, the designer must determine who the audience is, what the audience likes and dislikes, and what the audience’s interests are. This is called?
a) Audience Appeal b) Audience Assessment c) Audience Interest d) Target Audience
Which printing process that uses a squeegee and a stencil?
a) gravure b) offset lithography c) relief d) screen
Most people use electrostatic or inkjet printers in their home/school/office to print.
a) true b) false c) d)
Which printing process that uses ink that is sprayed onto a substrate?
a) electrostatic b) inkjet c) offset lithography d) relief
Once a designer gets to know the audience for the message, they need to figure out how to appeal to the audience. A message needs all the following except...
a) a hook b) a strong chance of making an impact c) attention-getting aspect d) a lot of noise or interference
Designing the message has two main steps, preparing and producing the message.
a) true b) false c) line art d) line copy
Once the design principles are taken into consideration it is time to work on the layout. Which of the following is NOT a step
a) Comprehensive layout b) Final layout c) Rough layout d) Thumbnail sketch
Which printing process is from a flat surface?
a) Electrostatic b) Gravure c) Offset Lithography d) Relief
Printed graphic communications products are everywhere you look.
a) true b) false c) d)
Which type of communications uses symbols or words on a substrate to communicate a message?
a) Photographic Communications b) Printed Graphic Communications c) Telecommunications d) Technical Graphic Communications
Which images are made of pixels, with information assigned to each pixel?
a) continuous b) raster c) vector d)
What printing process from a computer
a) electrostatic b) gravure c) offset lithography d) relief
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