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The great _________ roamed the Earth millions of years ago.
a) triceratops b) triangles c) trilinguals d) tricycle
Before you ride a two-wheel bike, you start on a _____________.
a) triceratops b) trilingual c) tricycle d) triangle
If a shape has four sides it's a square, not a ____________.
a) triceratops b) triangle c) trisect d) tripod
When you go camping, you may use a ___________ when cooking over the fire.
a) trilogy b) trilateral c) trisect d) tripod
My favorite __________ is the Hunger Games.
a) tripod b) trilateral c) trilogy d) triangle
She was __________ because she spoke English, Spanish, and French.
a) trilingual b) trilateral c) tripod d) trisect
If there are three of us, we should _________ the cake.
a) tripod b) trisect c) trio d) tricycle
The three musketeers were a __________.
a) triangle b) trisect c) trio d) trilogy
There was a ________ meeting between the U.S., Germany, and Spain.
a) trio b) triangle c) trisect d) trilateral
I am not strong enough to complete a ____________.
a) trio b) triathlon c) trilogy d) triple
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