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a) three sides b) three sided shape with three angles c) three angles d) three
race that combines three activities
a) triathlon b) trirace c) triangle d) triacute
a) three dinosaurs b) three angles c) animal with three horns d) dividing with three
vehicle with three wheels
a) triceratops b) triangle c) triangular d) tricycle
a) having three animals b) having or involving three sides, parties, or countries c) three jobs d) three measurements
able to speak three languages
a) triangle b) triangular c) triceratops d) trilingual
a) three related animals b) three characters c) three related books or movies d) three answers
a group of three people or things
a) triple b) trilogy c) trio d) triceratops
a) three legged piece of furniture b) three horned animal c) three sides shape d) three measured angles
cut into three parts
a) tripod b) triangle c) triceratops d) trisect
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