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Often times, a teacher will ask you to ________ your answer.
a) explain b) export c) exclaim d) exterior
It's my turn! __________ Sarah.
a) explored b) exterior c) exclaimed d) extended
Please paint the ________ of the building.
a) explore b) explode c) excite d) exterior
TNT will __________!
a) excite b) explode c) expire d) extract
Please ________ your hand and pull me up.
a) excite b) exterior c) extend d) explode
To relax, to take a deep breath and ________ slowly.
a) exhale b) explode c) exclaim d) exceed
Dinosaurs are _______ and nobody knows why.
a) excited b) extinct c) explored d) exceeeded
Trade is made of imports and _________.
a) excited b) exceeds c) exports d) explored
If you break too many school rules, you may be _____________.
a) exceeded b) exploded c) exempted d) expelled
When building things, it is important to have _________ measurements.
a) exact b) expelled c) extracted d) extended
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