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to throw a remark into a conversation between two or more people
a) interfere b) interrupt c) interject d) intersection
the break between parts of a play, opera, or concert
a) intersection b) intercept c) intermission d) interfere
between or among the nations of the world
a) internet b) interstate c) interpersonal d) international
the worldwide computer system that allows communication and information sharing among people
a) interstate b) international c) internet d) interpersonal
between people (usually describing social activities)
a) interpersonal b) interject c) intersocial d) intermission
a person or thing who helps translate the languages between different people
a) interstate b) internet c) intersection d) interpreter
to break into a conversation between people
a) interject b) interfere c) interrupt d) interstate
between the states
a) interstate b) international c) interject d) internet
to get in between two people when it is not your problem or issue; to get in the way of
a) interject b) interfere c) intercept d) intermission
involving people playing among themselves; an exchange of activity or information between people or people and a computer
a) intercept b) intermission c) interactive d) interpersonal
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