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means to turn or spin around rapidly
a) whirl b) encircle c) express d) fussy
something that shines in quick, bright flashes
a) portraits b) sparkles c) whirl d) bouquet
pictures of people, usually the upper part of the body
a) encircle b) express c) portraits d) fussy
hard to please and picky
a) fussy b) whirl c) express d) encircle
means to say or show something
a) portrait b) bouquet c) emotion d) express
is a bunch of picked flowers
a) bouquet b) encircle c) portrait d) sparkles
means to surround or form a circle around
a) express b) encircle c) portrait d) whirl
a loud sound
a) encircle b) express c) shrieking d) portrait
to clash
a) collided b) shriek c) encircle d) whirl
to replace
a) express b) shriek c) collided d) substitution
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